Replica Buyers Guide Hands-On with the Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Blue, a Top of the Line, Time-Only Watch

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You see, the Glashutte Senator Xl Chronograph Replica Original Sixties dial really has a fantastic bit of feel (literally) that is imprinted on the dial courtesy of a 60-ton press. Pair that up with all the numerous layers which go on to get the particular colour of green (of notice, it will only be available for a year), and you come up with a dial that is sure to catch the light, as well as your eyes.While I am imagining that vintage purists will go for your Glashütte Original Sixties, I find myself more attracted to the Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date. This is just because of prior experience with these big date complications from the brand. In other words, they’re the best execution of a major date I have seen, bar none. While it may lack a few of the classic flair with the modern date display, I think it acts as a reminder that this is a contemporary re-imagining, however much the eye wants to feign the curved sapphire is plexiglass and the watch is really a ’60s original.Unfortunately for the personal tastes, the Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date is the more expensive of this pair, coming in at $9,300 (the “plain” Glashütte Original Sixties tallies up at $7,500). While Glashütte Original may not be the new I first think of when it comes to a modern vintage interpretation, that is on me, and not the brand. They’ve done quite a bang-up job here using the dial design, and the limited-run nature of the emerald hue will certainly make it feel even more exclusive.And truly, the dial is the star of this Glashütte Original Sixties show. In different watches I have handled in the brand, they’ve had very clean, and very (literally) horizontal dials in drama. This is sometimes done to good effect, but the texture here I presume lets the watches embody some of the craziness that appeared to be from the air in the ’60s (as I have been told). While I wouldn’t go so far as to call the Glashütte Original Sixties the “one watch to rule them all,” it is a brilliant burst to kick the Basel cycle with.

The Senator Chronometer is a simple watch, showing only the time and date, but executed with excellence. And at Baselworld 2016 Glashütte Original gave the Senator Chronometer a new, dark blue dial with an intriguingly iridescent grained finish, giving it a more modern feel.

Inspired by marine chronometers, the Senator Chronometer is looks like one, with a dial design typical of a ship’s chronometer. It’s almost symmetrical save for the oversized date at three o’clock. What makes this version different from the original is the new blue dial.

The spade hands are 18k white gold

Since Glashutte 8335 Replica Original acquired its own dial factory in Pforzheim, a city near the Black Forest known for its jewellers, the watchmaker has been experimenting with bold dial colours and finishes, most obviously with the psychedelic Sixties Iconic watches.

The Senator Chronometer in blue doesn’t go quite that far, but the dial finish is unusual, having a fine, grained texture as well as being surprisingly glittery up close. And the date discs are the same shade of blue, though the lack the texture of the dial.

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Blue 2

Calibre 58-01

The highlight of the watch, however, is not the new dial, but the calibre 58-01 inside. Hand-wound with a 45-hour power reserve – and made in-house like all Glashütte Original movements – the calibre 58-01 has two admirable features designed for precision time-setting.

The first is the zero-reset hack seconds; pull the crown to set the time and the seconds hand stops and returns to 12 o’clock. It’s a useful feature but also used by other brands, including Lange and Panerai. More interesting is detent minute setting.

That refers to the minute hand that moves in exact, one-minute steps when the time is being set, ensuring the seconds and minute are in sync. The novel feature is useful, though the crispness of the minute setting varies across samples of the Senator Chronometer.

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Blue 5

A downside to the complex setting mechanism is the relegation of the date setting to a pusher located at four o’clock, as it cannot be set via the crown. This means a stylus or toothpick is needed to advance the date.

Another notable feature of the movement are the planetary gears on the barrel that translate the mainspring’s state of wind into the power reserve indication on the front. The gears sit below a flat polished, three-armed wheel that reveals itself to be carefully and beautifully finished up close.

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Blue 6

The finishing on the rest of the movement is similarly impressive, most notably the neat perlage on the base plate and the solarisation on the winding ratchet wheel. Perhaps the only area the movement is noticeably lacking is the striping on the three-quarter plate, which is narrow and pronounced, being done by machine.

Other details on the movement are typical of Glashütte Original’s movements (and also other calibres made in the same town). They include the jewels set in gold chatons, hand-engraved balance cock as well as the three-quarter plate.

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Blue 7

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Blue 8

Not only is the Senator Chronometer inspired by marine chronometers with features to match, the watch is chronometer certified by the state offices for weights and measurements of Thuringia (LMET) and Saxony (SLME), state government agencies that conduct testing and certification for industry.

Watches are tested to chronometer standards set by the Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. (DIN), the national institute that sets technical standards across Germany, identical to the ISO criteria used by COSC. But unlike COSC, German chronometer trials test the entire wristwatch and not just a movement, making it a better approximation of the watch on the wrist.

The calibre 58-01 is the same movement used in the original Senator Chronometer, as is the largish, 42mm watch case. Stepped and relatively narrow, the bezel makes the watch appear larger than it is. Add to that the 12.3mm case height, and the Senator Chronometer is a substantial watch.

Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer Blue 4

Pricing and availability 

Available only in white gold, the Senator Chronometer in blue is priced at US$32,200 or S$50,000. It’s available at Glashütte Original retailers and boutiques.